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Ear Gallery
Tony Green
Born into a family of visual artists I of course had to become a musician. my pursuit of music has led me into three areas of interest; Performing Composing and Recording.
For performing I began my musical journey at ten years old playing guitar but quickly found the bass more to my liking. I received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Colorado Denver where I studied with bassist Adolph Mares and Acoustic bassist David Potter with the Denver symphony orchestra. After university I did some various private study and even got the chance to study a bit with renowned bassist Brian Bromberg. After graduating I then moved to Boston where I studied privately and performed with numerous musicians. Most notably Jamie Stewardson,  Kevin Kastning, Carl Clements  and Jennifer Trynin .
While on a trip to Los Angeles in1989 I met pianist Susan Costantini fell in love and moved to LA where I now reside.
When I first arrived I began touring with Kevin Prosch and the Black Peppercorns . Since then I have had the pleasure to play and recorded with such great artists like Bill Burgess, Sarah Pillow,  Mark Wagnon,  Breeze Smith,  Vinny Gollia, Chris Falson,  David J. , 'The Well Pennies', Angela McClusky,  Greg Lake, and Jess Penner,  just to name a few.
For the side of me that loves to record music In 2001 I Started Ear Gallery Music studio. www.eargallerymusic.com Ear Gallery is a small but fully equipped studio and have produced albums for David J.:’ Not Long For This World' and 'An Eclips of Ships' The Well Pennies: 'Endlings', Trio919, with special guest Vinny Golia, and Space Dozer, 'In Light of Darkness' (to check out, click on the ‘Listen’ page)
Other projects include film scores, and Voice Over work for documentaries, instructional videos, books on tape and animated shows.
For the composer in me I have released one solo album 'Mercy Through This Perilous Mischance'
Back in Boston I co-wrote one CD with Bill Burgess called 'Day 3'.
I have had the pleasure to composed for three films:
One feature Called 'Falling Away' directed by Michael Trozzo.
Two shorts: 'Dewit and Maria'  and 'Slippery Slope'  
Esse Costantini
Primarily a pianist, keyboardist, and composer, while her interests, career and background span a diverse spectrum of genres, instruments and collaborations. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she’s been based in Southern California since 1988, performing, recording, touring, and educating. Ms. Costantini has performed at numerous venues throughout the U.S. as well as Europe, U.K., Australia, and Canada.  Los Angeles and Bay area venues include Skirball Cultural Center, Jazz Bakery, Music Center at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, World Festival of Sacred Music, Japan America Theatre, Herbst Theatre, Festival of Microtonal Music.
Most recently she has been found performing as pianist with “Trio919”,”Space Dozer”, “Exhibit A: jazz trio”, “The Quintet Offensive featuring Gina Eckstine”, and as keyboardist with “Herb Shaw” and his soul band, and “The Vibe Project”. Current studio collaborations include composing and recording music with bassist/composer and husband Tony Green for upcoming independent film release “Surviving In L.A.”, original works of poetry and music recordings with distinguished poet Toni Gilyard, and electronic ambient groove landscapes and songs with film composer/vocalist/songwriter Mariana Bernoski. Ms. Costantini is also embarking on her own recent penchant for songwriting. She is co-founder of Ear Gallery Music in Los Angeles with Tony Green, where they compose and record multifaceted original works, as well as collaborate with a vast array of other artists’ recording projects.
As a jazz player and improviser, highlights of Ms. Costantini’s past work include performing as electric keyboardist with renowned trumpeter, composer, improviser and innovator Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith in his electric band "Nok", as pianist for New York jazz artists and Buckyball Music co-founders vocalist Sarah Pillow and midi-vibraphonist Marc Wagnon. Other jazz artists she has performed with include Joe LaBarbera, Eric Barber, David Cherry, Andre Caporaso and Rocket Science, Kurt McGettrick, and The Vibe Project.
Ms. Costantini has a propensity toward collaborative experimental multi-disciplinary projects, mixing and matching genres, cultures, mediums, and artisic expressions to create multi-dimensional works. Some of these musical adventures have drawn from African and Balinese music and dance traditions as well as improvisational music performance, electronic music performance, and poetry. More specifically, this trek of her career has included several years (playing gamelan metallaphones) with balinese gamelan ensemble Burat Wangi both traditional balinese works, and east-west collaborations including with acclaimed American composer Lou Harrison and symphony orchestra, Ghanian drum and dance ensemble, Linda Sohl-Donnell with Rhapsody in Taps, performing with and composing for “Creative Improviser’s Orchestra” under the direction of Wadada Leo Smith and Vinnie Golia, and live electronic trio with "JY's Knot" for avante-garde puppet play "The Illuminist" written and directed by experimental theater artist and filmmaker Susan Simpson.
Other credits include session re-recording for television (“The Riches”, “Girlfriends”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), live and studio work with numerous artists including Chris Falson, Sam Sparro, Herb Shaw, Shontina Vernon, Damumalik, Michael Berg, Justin Catalino, Violet Burning, Linda McCrary, and touring internationally with acclaimed pioneer christian singer, song-writer, recording artist Kevin Prosch.
Ms. Costantini earned her BFA degree from California Institute of the Arts in Jazz and African American Music Performance where she studied with such names as Charlie Haden, Vinnie Golia, Darek Oles, Balinese Gamelan Master I Nyomen Wenten and Master African Drummer Kobla Ladzekpo of Ghana. Elsewhere, she has also studied jazz with Bobby McFerrin and Billy Taylor. She, herself, has been teaching for the past 13 years, passing on her passion for music and creativity.
Growing up, she tried many instruments (marimba, drums, double bass, acoustic guitar, oboe) and but always found her way back to her first love, the piano. Her formative performing experiences as a child and teenager included solo, small combos, as well as full orchestras, playing piano, marimba, double bass, and percussion playing traditional western and classical music.
Her father, an avid big band jazz enthusiast, introduced her to her first jazz sounds when she was a teenager, with his home record collection as well as going to concerts together. By the time she was 18, she had found herself in a social circle of local professional jazz musicians who opened a new door for her to her love for jazz. Her 1st jazz record was Chic Corea “Light as a Feather” and 1st rock records were Carol King “Tapestry” and the Beatles “Yesterday and Today”.
Ultimately for Esse, music is a personal expression in which she is seeking not only technical prowess, but more importantly in pursuit of sharing her discoveries of life and being human, finding beauty and hope in the raw grittiness life often delivers. She longs to touch her listeners through a medium which can transcend all boundaries, hoping to add something meaningful and beautiful to the world.