Space Dozer      
New Projects
Ear Gallery has two new projects out.
One is by ‘Space Dozer’ called ‘In Light Of Dark Matter’
Three restless Los Angeles musicians: Bill Burgess, Tony Green and Susan Costantini-Green colliding laptop driven experimental electronic beats with musician driven acoustic instrumental, soundscape and alternative jazz. Live recordings edited in the spirit of Miles Davis, Bitches Brew. Mixed in the spirit of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.
All Improvised. Fierce, Sublime, Surprising.
The Other is by ‘Trio919’ called ‘Foundation’
This trio pushes the boundaries of Jazz utilizing improvised compositions and skilled interaction between the musicians. This album features renowned woodwind/reeds player Vinny Golia who brings melodic and atmospheric depth to the music in the spirit of John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.
Another fun thing is that Ear Gallery Music was featured in our favorite recording industry magazine Tape Op. It was so great to have Larry Crane come over and hang out.
check it out:  Tony Green Interview