Trio919 After being in business for five years Ear Gallery is proud to present a body of work from one of our very own team. Although we love to work on other artists and projects, it is exciting to hear something from Tony Green. This is Tony’s first solo album . He has played bass on multiple CD’s over the past twenty years for other artists but has never produced his own.  Tony, with the help of other very talented musicians that he has worked with over the years, has produced an album that will take the listener on a journey of beautiful landscapes and unexpected turns. Tony says that, “ This CD is like an audio journal of my last five years.”  

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Tony Green: Acoustic,Electric Basses / Guitar / Keyboards / Drum programing / Strangeness
Susan Costantini: Piano
Bill Burgess: Drums ( Dance on Water)
Martin Neil: Percussion (Mingus and the Coyote, Timbuktu)
Stewart Cole: Trumpet ( Liminal Space, Independence)
Mariana Bernoski: Vocals ( Transformation, Everything)
James Bowen Falson: Guitar ( Everything, Lizards Tale)
Ata Kirmani: Tabla , BG Voice (Everything)
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Here it is!  Straight from the Ear Gallery Studio, a straight up, no anesthesia musical experience featuring Special Guest Vinny Golia courtesy of Nine Winds Records
These compositions came from spontaneous improvisations between the musicians over the corse of two days.
Listening to this will free your mind and soul!
Breeze Smith: Drum Set + EL./Hand Percussion
Susan Costantini Green: Piano, EL. Keys, iPad, Effects + Toys
Tony Green: Upright , EL. + Slide Basses
Vinny Golia: Woodwinds
Tony Green : Mercy Through This Perilous Mischance
NEW:                        SPACE DOZER
This is the first album by this Los Angeles trio. Bill Burgess: Drums, Beats, Loops and electronic manipulations,  Susan Costantini: Piano, Keys and iPad, Tony Green: Acoustic and Electric Basses with effects pedals. Recorded over the corse of three years Mixed and Manipulated here at Ear Gallery and Uplink Studio in Austin TX. .The result is music unlike anything you will find out there.
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