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A creative space to record in Los Angeles
Projects we love right now...
Space Dozer
One of our favorite projects. Space Dozer mixes the best parts of improvised free music with beats and Ableton Live realtime manipulations. Everything we do with this project is recorded live and edits afterward are kept to a minimum. Esse plays synth, piano, percussion and iPad. Tony plays acoustic and electric bass run through lengthy effects channels. Bill Burgess plays drums, percussion and uses Ableton Live, Stutter Edit, Borderlands and iPad apps. Tony and Bill are childhood friends from Colorado and have been making music together one way or another since they were 10 years old. 

You can buy their  first record, “In Light of Dark Matter” using the bandcamp links below. Coming in Fall 2020  Space Dozer has new music coming with guest musicians Dan Clucas, Scott Frazier and Curtis Matthewson.  
Music for an Ailing Race
Ambient music composed by Tony Geen for cancer patients recieving chemotherapy at Cedar-Sinai in Los Angeles.
Released March 30th 2020
Trio 919
Featuring two of the best musicians in LA free jazz scene, a straight up musical experience featuring Vinny Golia (courtesy of Nine Winds Records) and Breeze Smith.

These compositions came from spontaneous improvisations between recorded at Ear Gallery over the course of two days.
Listening to this will free your mind and soul!

Vinny Golia: Woodwinds
Breeze Smith: Drum Set + EL./Hand Percussion
Susan Costantini Green: Piano, EL. Keys, iPad, Effects
Tony Green: Upright , EL. + Slide Basses

Mercy Through This Perilous Mischance
On this my first solo album I’m joined by
some amazing musicians:
Susan Costantini-Piano/Keys
Bill Burgess-Drums
Mariana Bernoski-Vocals
Martin Neil-Percussion
Stewart Cole-Trumpet
James Bowen-Guitar
Ata Kirmani-Tabla.

released January 1, 2008 
Falling Away
Music: Tony Green
Director: Michael Trozzo 

Slippery Slope

Music: Tony Green & Esse Costantini
Director: Christopher Greco 
Dewitt & Maria
Music: Tony Green
Director: Dennis Devine https://www.imdb.com/video/vi4030765337?

Ear Gallery Music

Tony Green & Esse Costantini